Monday, May 04, 2009

Want to learn some language?

Here are a couple videos that teach some simple words in two of the main languages in Ghana.

Twi is most widely spoken in the southern half of the country

How are you?E te sen?
My name is SastoYa fre me Sasto
My name is WisdomYa fre me Wisdom
My name is Steven
How are you?E te sen?
Please I am fine. And how are you?Me pow chow me ho ye. Nso ho ye?
I am fineMe ho ye
My name is Make StoneYa fre me Maker Stone
Stone, my name is StevenStone, ya fre me Steven
We are here to speak some small Twi today.....
Thank youMe da se
PleaseMe pow chow
Excuse meMe pow chow
White personObruni
Black personObibini
How are you?E te sen?
I am fineMe ho ye
How are you?Wo ho te sen?
I am fineMe ho ye
GoodbyeBye bye
Where is ...?... wo ha?
Where is water?Esiu wo ha?
I want Ma me
I want waterMa me esiu
How much?Sen?
Excuse me, how much?Me pow chow sen?

500 = 50 pesewas
I do not have any moneySika e ni ho
Thank youMe da se
GoodbyeBye Bye

Ewe is spoken in the Volta Region of esatern Ghana, and in southern Togo

WelcomeWoezo (pronounced "Way-zo")

Woezo lo

Thank youAkpe
Excuse meKafla
White personYevo (or Yevu)
Black personAmebo
How are you?E foa?
I am fineMe fo
Yes, I am fineE me fo
And how are you?Wo ha efoa?
I am fineMe fo
How is your spouseSra de? (for male or female)
My spouse is fineSra fo
How are the children?Deviwo de?
The children are fineDeviwo fo
How is the house?Afeame de?
The house is fineAfeame fo
OK, very goodYo, enyo nuto
Where is ...?... fica de?
Where is water?Fica eshie
Thank youAkpe
I want waterMe legee eshie
How muchNini?
How much is waterEshie nini?
5 pesewas = 500
You come!Ya va!


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this one really help me learn more ghana daily language ...thanks ;)

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