Friday, November 26, 2010


Greetings from Ghana! I know it has been a while since I have last posted, and my apologies to our followers. It has been a busy year for us at Easy Track. We have hosted tours to all corners of Ghana, including school visits, safari tours, beache holidays, business travelers, traditional ceremonies and cultural interactions. I have seen so very much.

So on this day of Thanksgiving in the USA, I am reflecting on what I have to be thankful of in this life. The things we take for granted are such the things to be most thankful for: A roof and a bed. Clean water. Plentiful food. Access to good health care and medicine. Loving friends and family. The opportunity to obtain a good education and direct your life.

I have been blessed to be the recipient of all these things in my life. During my life, and especially these past few years in Africa, I have seen that so many people are not so blessed. This is why I have devoted such efforts into making Easy Track a tool for helping people who may not be so fortunate. I am always pushing Easy Track Ghana, and I am proud that we have been able to keep advancing our social responsibilities by providing gifts to schools, clinics and orphanages as well as building a toilet for an area school - while at the same time providing memorable tours for travelers and improving the lives of all our team.

I have had my eyes opened in so many ways living in Ghana. It am truly thankful for the Easy Track team, my Ghanaian family, and all the supportive people I have met as I have been making this transition that is not always easy.

As for things not going smoothly, some months ago I mentioned our community library project, and you may be wondering of the status of that project. Well, in our biggest disappointment to date, we were not originally given land upon which there was clear owership. After some additional months of searching and negotiating, we finally secured property for this community library project. The property owners were legitimate and nearby schoolmasters had approved the location - one even brought us a schedule for when he would bring students.

Sadly, the very day after all agreements had been reached, the donors communicated that they had lost confidence due to the delays, and were withdrawing their offer of funding. It was quite a loss to all of us involved. This is a bit of an embarassment to admit, but it is a story to be told. The best of intentions do not always come to fruition.

Our intentions though, are to somehow find the funding to make this dream a reality. As such, on this day of thanks, I have decided to donate my collection of African art to a foundation that would be able to hold a fundraising auction to raise the necessary funds for this community library. The TransCAP Foundation I work with in the USA is only chartered for health-related activities, so I am in search of an appropriate 501(c)3 charity that could receive this contribution, assist with an auction and help realize a place of learning in a poor Ghanian community. Suggestions or contact in this endeavour are most welcome.

Have a most blessed Thanksgiving.


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