Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Celestial Event

Gosh, can it really be a year-and-a-half since I last posted! My apologies to any subscribers, but these past two years have been the most difficult of my life. Making this transition to living in Ghana has not been an easy process. But at last, the bureaucrats agree. I am now a legal resident of Ghana! Yeaaaa!!!!

During that time, containers of contributions and supplies have been shipped to Ghana, our travel business, Easy Track Ghana, has become of of Ghana's more visible tour operators. It has been an extraordinarily busy time.

But now already I cannot believe a month now since I departed the USA. It has been an insane month! It was just this past Sunday that I finally crashed. I slept the entire day! It was *GLORIOUS* !!

Anyway, things here in Ghana are going great. It is the rain season now, so the days and nights are cooler. Two nights ago was the most intense thunderstorm that I have heard in some years. Apparently it was rather severe by local standards too! I mean it was REALLY LOUD! It also blew out our Internet serice for a few days, adding to the delay in my good news.

Before departing the USA, my friends hosted a great send off party and some great food. I tell you, I sure am missing some of that BBQ beef right now!!! I am actually committed to trying to make a pot of chili next weekend in Ghana. We will see how that goes over here! Hahahaha!

I departed California the very next day as scheduled. I was in Nevada to see the annular eclipse at totality. It was an amazing sight, with a perfect golden ring in the sky. I had my elipse glasses with me that I had used in Ghana for the 2006 eclipse. My first visit to Africa over a decade ago was to witness a total solar eclipse in Botswana. My first visit to Ghana was also for a total solar eclipse. So it is quite a coincidence that my trip to move to Africa would also include in eclipse.

OK, I am going to end here. Keep in touch via any of the methods below that you prefer. Has Facebook killed Blogs? I hope not! I'm not really a fan of Facebook. So my hope is to dust off the old blog now that I have the time and the stories to write. Hopefully future posts will be less self-absorbed.

Better than reading this blog, visit visit Ghana some day!!! Easy Track Ghana is at your service!

Until then, I hope you do not mind if I solicit some tax-deductible charitable contributions to help fund some of the projects I will be working on. Anything that you donate to the TransCAP Foundation for "Africa relief" comes to me 100% for projects that I am directly invoved.

I have *work* to do now that I am here!

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